The Geyserland Classic Grind

12-14 September 2020

The one that started it all. 2-3 days of classic bikepacking goodness, starting and finishing in Rotorua. Each night, everyone camps in the same place, giving you the chance to see what other people use for gear, chat about the day, and get help and advice from more experienced riders.

This “social bikepacking” makes the Classic Grind (and its companion event, the Mini Grind) unique among bikepacking events, and an ideal introduction for those just starting out.

Each day has a short and a long option, and you can choose which one you want to do on the day depending on how your legs feel. The distances range from around 80 km to 120 km each day — but don’t let the big numbers put you off. Remember that you’re out riding the whole day and there’s no rush to get to the campground each evening, so you can take your time and enjoy the day.

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