How To Enter – Tracking

One of the requirements for the 2020 Mega Grind is that all riders carry a satellite tracker connected to the event tracking page on Maprogress.

The process of tracker registration with Maprogress, effectively becomes the “event registration”. When this process is complete the riders names will appear on the event page “rider list”. This will become the “START LIST”

The recommended satellite tracker is the Spot Gen 3, these units are “set and forget”, when set to “tracking mode” the unit will “ping” the rider location every 5 or 10 min [depending on settings] for up to 2 weeks until the batteries run out of juice. The Spot also has provision for three “user programmable” messages that can be sent to family or friends, we suggest you select this option when setting up the device with Maprogress.

Riders can hire a Spot device from Maprogress if they don’t own their own. [this is part of the registration process]

The Garmin Inreach devices are starting to become popular with some riders, these can also be used to provide tracking with Maprogress, we request the tracking interval is set to at least 10 min. The Inreach units are USB rechargeable, unfortunately the battery will only last a couple days before a recharge, so a bit more messing around.

To register follow this link

Please complete the entry process by Friday 6th November, this is to allow the shipping of the Spot trackers to Rotorua, I will hand out the trackers at the event briefing, Thursday evening 12th November. Venue and time TBC.

The process involves setting up an account with Maprogress, if you have previously used Maprogress for other events like the TA, Kiwi Brevet, Great Southern Brevet or maybe previous Mega event, you can log in to your existing account. This will step you through the setup and hire process if you don’t own your own.

[Please note: Unfortunately riders who own their own device with Trackme Kiwi / Spot NZ subscription, these are “incompatible” with Maprogress, so these riders will need to hire or borrow a device connected to either Findme Spot USA or Garmin Connect. ]