The 2019 Mega Grind

The 2019 Mega Grind will start at 0700am 8th November 2019 from The Government Gardens, Rotorua.

The Mega Grind is a 750km “self supported” dirt brevet, the route includes some of the best cycle trails and gravel roads of the Central North Island. The course would be an ideal opportunity for those riders planning on next years TA, around 1/3 of the route shares some of the TA course, providing an opportunity to shake down and test equipment and systems on similar terrain. The event is also a great opportunity for experienced brevet riders to “test themselves” against the clock.
Is it a race? The answer is yes, but it doesn’t have to be. In previous years we have had a good mix of riders, some pushing the limits out front, while others happy to take a more relaxed approach.
All riders MUST carry a Spot GPS tracker or similar device connected to the Maprogress tracking site, Spot devices can be hired if required. The Mega Grind is free to enter, but Maprogress will charge a nominal fee for their tracking and hire of Spot device if riders don’t own their own.

For returning riders, around 1/3 of the route will be new to keep things interesting.

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