The Geyserland Mega Grind

Information for Riders

Finding your Way

If you have a GPS cycle computer, you'll probably want to download and install the GPX file for the Mega Grind onto your device:

When you load this file into your GPS cycle computer, it will appear as seven separate parts. This lets you display each part in turn, so you don't overload your cycle computer.

You can also download and print off the cue sheets for the Mega grind, or view them on your phone or other device.

If the cue sheets aren't formatted the way you want, you can download the original Word document used to generate the cue sheets and modify it to suit your needs.

Getting to the Start

The course starts outside the Rotorua Museum in the Government Gardens. Make sure you get there by 7:45 am for the pre-ride briefing.


If you're coming from out of town, we suggest you don't leave your car in the city. Instead, limited parking is available outside the police station on Pukuatua Street, just a few hundred metres from the start. Alternatively, contact us on the Facebook page and we may be able to arrange something.

Food and Other Resources

You can download a list of services which you might want to print out or keep on your phone to refer to as you ride the course. This tells you the location of shops and campgrounds, water sources, etc.

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