Bikepacking Ethos and Guidelines

The Geyserland Gravel Grind encourages people to try out bikepacking by providing a set of courses that people can ride, as well as putting on informal bikepacking events for people to take part in. As part of these events, we want to encourage everyone to follow the bikepacking ethos, which is all about:

  • Meeting the challenge of the event.
  • Being self-supported.
  • Looking after yourself.
  • Looking after the environment.
  • Leaving a good impression with the locals.

To this end, every Geyserland Gravel Grind event has the following guidelines which we expect everyone to follow:

  1. Do it all yourself, under your own steam.
  2. Riders must carry all their own gear.
  3. No outside support (deliveries only to public addresses, no support from friends or family along the way, nobody making bookings for you, no support vehicles of any kind).
  4. If the event has a designated course, you must follow it completely. No short cuts.
  5. A GPS tracker is highly recommended, and is compulsory for the Mega Grind.
  6. When on public roads, follow the NZ Road Code.
  7. If you need to camp in spots other than designated DOC or camp sites, do so discreetly so you don’t inconvenience anyone.
  8. Leave no trace. Carry your waste out and dispose of it properly. Bury your number two’s.

Of course, if you’re just following one of our routes you can do whatever you like, though we encourage you to stick to the bikepacking ethos as much as possible.